Quick Facts About Blake Lively’s Plastic Surgery Procedures in the Past Few Years

Blake is among the most beautiful Hollywood actresses today. She played a lot of major roles in Hollywood movies like the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants and Green Lantern, where she met her husband, Ryan Reynolds. However, like most artists today, she too had some plastic surgeries done. Apart from her flourishing career, fans and critics alike take interest about Blake Lively plastic surgery procedures.

She started her career around 10, when she appeared in the movie “Sandman”, a movie her father, Ernie Lively directed and played major roles in movies like “The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants” and series like Gossip Girl.

When she started out her acting career in 2004, she had slight imperfections of her face, such as her nose, hairstyle and overly plucked eyebrows.

In 2007, she started shifting her style. Most specifically, she refrained from having that very thin eyebrow, giving her face a major improvement.

She also up upgraded her hairstyle by putting on warm highlights on her blonde hair. She also shifted from tight curly locks to a loosely styled hair.

Around 2012, the drastic change of the angle and shape of her nose became quite noticeable. However, there weren’t any clear dates as to when she had the plastic surgery done.

Apart from the nose job, fans also speculate that another plastic surgery was done on her eyelids, to make it look lighter and more open.

The plastic surgeries, although very noticeable, did make her feel look more adorable and charming. Her angled nose fits the shape of her face perfectly, and the Blake Lively plastic surgery on the eyelids made her smiles a lot warmer than before.

Blake has been married to Ryan Reynolds since 2012. She’s now 29 years old and a proud mother to her two kids, Ines and James.

With or without the plastic surgery, Blake Lively still has a promising career as an actress. Just recently, she starred as Nancy Adams in the 2016 movie, The Shallows.