Tranquillis Review: Say Goodbye to that Noise in Your Ear

Have you been struggling with tinnitus or ringing in the ears? Now, you can try a new, safe product called Tranquillis. Tinnitus affects nearly 50 million Americans and is said to be caused by neck or head injury, exposure to loud noise and ear infections. If other treatments just offer ways to manage it, this supplement offers cure.

In this Tranquillis reviews, you will find out everything you need to learn about this breakthrough product. Is it the answer to your persistent problem? How does it work? Keep reading.

What is Tranquillis?

Tranquillis is a supplement in capsule form developed to reverse tinnitus permanently and improve overall health. This treatment is based from the discovery that tinnitus is a problem of the brain networks. The buzzing sound is the altered communication lines or synapses. When weak, the brain signals also become weak and cannot function properly.

How Does Tranquillis Work?

Tranquillis is made up of natural ingredients that were found to fix the damaged networks of the brain. Here is a brief description of how it works and the ingredients responsible for it.

  1. Your hearing will slowly turn back to normal as the product works to repair your brain networks. This is with the help of hibiscus and hawthorn berry that functions as a “first aid duo” in reducing the sound of the ringing from the first use. The hibiscus species used in Tranquillis relaxes the nervous system while hawthorn berry treats panic attacks.
  2. 2. You gradually regain peace and quiet for your brain networks are continually being strengthened. Olive leaves play a role in strengthening the brain networks, acting like a guardian that also protects the brain from stroke while also protecting the ear from infection.
  3. Your memory is being strengthened. This is the result of repairing damaged cells in the brain. Vitamin B3 or niacin has the ability to repair DNA. Broken cells result in damages including memory problems. In ten days of use, Alzheimer’s patients can also regain good memory, thinking and behaviour.

Garlic is also used here in fighting dementia. In this stage, you can gain better sleep, and find relief over your dizziness and fatigue.

  1. Your brain continues to be strengthened and your cell regenerates. This is said to be the phase where your brain is supercharged as vitamins B6, B12 and buchu leaves grow the brain, boost up connects and regrow cells.
  2. Your brain is being perfected for optimum health. You can be sure that you will be protected not just from tinnitus but also from memory loss and other conditions by combining juniper berry, green tea, vitamin C and uva ursi. Uva ursi and juniper berry removes toxins in the brain, green tea increases neural connections, vitamin C protects against tinnitus and other brain diseases.

Who is the Creator of Tranquillis?

Howard Briggs is a 58-year old medical librarian from Chicago Illinois who worked with a brain specialist named Dr. Edgar Lambert to have an extensive research on tinnitus, since Briggs himself suffered from it. He became frustrated that conventional treatment was not able to treat tinnitus. His discovery gave birth to a medical breakthrough that is now Tranquillis.

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Dr. Lambert shared the ultra secret formula against tinnitus that treated so many patients. They recreated it to become available to the public and used high quality ingredients.

What are the Benefits of using Tranquillis?

  • It is made of safe, natural ingredients.
  • It targets the root cause of tinnitus, making it very effective.
  • It can boost memory.
  • It protects the brain from memory diseases.
  • It is based on scientific study.

Are there any Disadvantages?

  • It is not clear if some statements have been evaluated by the FDA.
  • Results may still vary from person to person, depending on the condition.

How to Use 

It is recommended to take two pills a day with water every morning for a whole day relief and nourishment. Results can be as fast as a day or two for the active ingredients begin to silence your tinnitus. For best results, take it continuously for 30 days to keep your brain protected.

You do not have to worry about side effects for there are no reported harmful effects. If you are under medication, it is best to consult your physician prior to use of this drug. If you have allergies, it is also safe for ingredients are formulated in a quantity that will not cause allergies. It is also safe for everyone regardless of age.

Where to Buy Tranquillis and Price

You can purchase the product from
Cost is only $69 per bottle of 60 capsules, which is enough for 30 days use. Get more savings by buying 3 bottles for only $177, making you save $59. Buy 6 bottles for $294, which means you get $120 discount. Price includes shipping. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Testimonials-What Do People have to Say?

It is surprising to see that most, if not all, Tranquillis reviews are nothing but positive feedback about it. Many of them are happy to have discovered this product, the only answer to their persistent problem. They found new hope that only Tranquillis can give.

Tranquillis was able to stop the ringing in their ears for just a couple of days, which is good news for those who want to know its effects. Some of them are also taking the pill not for tinnitus, but as a supplement for their brain because they believe it can protect the brain from common illnesses.

Final Recommendation

Conditions such as tinnitus could be so bothersome and frustrating especially because sometimes, treatment is only about masking the noise. It is understandable how sufferers would want relief immediately. In this regard, there is no reason not to try Tranquillis.

First, because it is a product of research. Second, it is made of safe and natural ingredients and third, it is risk-free. You can get a refund if you find it ineffective at all.

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